Class Attire Requirements

All Ballet/Jazz/Tap Combo Classes
Black Patent Leather Tap Shoes and Pink Ballet Slippers

All Jazz/Tap/Acro Classes
Black Patent Leather Tap Shoes

All Ballet/Jazz/Acro Classes
Pink Ballet Slippers

Ballet- Red, Yellow, and Orange Ballet
Pink Ballet Slippers, Pink Tights, Any Leotard, Optional Skirt or Tutu

Ballet- Green, Blue, and Purple Ballet
Pink Split Sole Canvas Ballet Slippers, Pink Footed or Convertible Tights, Black Leotard

1-3lb ankle weights, a theraband, and three (3), 3″ yoga blocks

Please fit at dance store – Teacher will advise on sewing

Twyla II 621 Leather Body Wrappers

Tap- Preschool, Red, Orange Tap
Black Patent Leather

Tap- Yellow/Green Tap
Carmel U-Buckle

Tap- Blue/Purple Tap
Black Split Sole

Jazz- Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple Jazz
Carmel Split Sole

Jazz Tap Combo – Yellow
Carmel Jazz Split Sole and Carmel Tap U-Buckle

Black Split Sole Sneakers

Acro/Tumble and Modern
No Shoes Required

Boys Footwear
Black Ballet Slippers/Black Jazz Shoes/Black Tap Shoes

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