2021-2022 Calendar

Session One
9/13/21 – 11/20/21

Session 2:
11/29/21 – 2/19/22

Session 3:
2/21/22 – 5/21/22

Thanksgiving Break 11/21/21-11/28/21
Holiday Break 12/19/21-1/2/22
Spring Break 4/10/22-4/17/22

Picture Date

Dress Rehearsal

Recital (Canton High)
5/21/22 & 5/22/22

*To maintain the schedule, we will hold classes on all Monday Holidays throughout the year.   An extra two weeks are added to the third session to make up for snow days and students are welcome to make up classes from illnesses/vacation/schedule conflicts in comparable classes.

We will follow Avon schools’ cancellation and early dismissals for all snow days.

Please also check our voicemail recording or Facebook page for snow day updates.

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